Website Audit


Website Audit


Want to spruce up your website in ONE day? This isn't a full-blown redesign or content overhaul ... I'm talking targeted, specific changes you can make now to improve your site.

I'll review your website's design, content, and user experience and provide you with a report of FIVE improvements to make to your site now to improve your online presence.

Before the audit, we will meet for a 30 minute discovery call to discuss exactly what your goals are for your website:

  • Make more sales in your e-commerce shop?
  • Get more e-mail list signups?
  • Convert website visitors to in-store sales?
  • Give information about a topic?
  • Increase engagement on blog posts?
  • Some combo of the above, or something else entirely!

After our call, I'll get to work on reviewing your website. Within 2 business days, I'll provide you with a full report that will include the exact changes you need to make to your website to help you reach your goals.

This is the perfect service for you if you already have a website, but are feeling like it's all over the place and isn't serving your needs AND the needs of your customers. Your website is a tool in your business's marketing toolbox, so let's use it to get you what you want!

When purchasing a website audit, you'll be prompted to fill in some information about your website and business. After you complete your purchase, I will reach out to you within 1 business day to schedule your discovery call.

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