This course will teach you everything you need to use funnels to market and grow your business, even if you're starting from scratch.

I start with the very basics -- teaching you exactly what a funnel is (and why it's different than an automated email sequence). We talk about what you can use funnels for, other than just selling products or services to your customers. I also give you plenty of examples throughout the course, to help you understand the concepts we cover in each lesson.

You'll walk away having mapped out your entire funnel...end-to-end. You'll have a deep understanding of the path your customers will take as they move from a total stranger who knows nothing about your business, to a delighted customer, ready to refer you and your business to all their friends!

A bonus lesson also talks about the tools and technology you need to implement your new funnel, complete with video tutorials and technical walkthroughs.

This is a video ecourse, but for your convenience I also include full transcripts for all the lessons, as well as the companion slides in PDF format so you can follow along at your own pace and take notes.

When you enroll in Build a Profitable Funnel, you also receive lifetime access to my private Facebook support group, where you can ask questions, get feedback, and receive support from me and others who are enrolled in the course.

Take a look at the course outline below for more information about what we'll cover together.


Your instructor

Meg Svec teaches aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners how to build profitable small businesses. She is a digital marketing consultant, and owner of Your First Shop. Meg has nearly a decade of experience designing and launching products...everything from handbags to litigation software!