3 Helpful Email Sequences To Send Your Subscribers Now (That Aren't Sales Emails)

Three helpful email sequences to send to your subscribers now (that aren't sales emails). Add value to your subscribers lives by sharing content that is helpful and educational BEFORE you ask them to buy something from you. This helps build trust with your audience and establishes you as an expert in your niche!

I’ve written before about how to use email marketing as part of a successful sales strategy for your business. But what other types of email sequences can you send to your list, other than a series of sales emails? I’ve got three great ideas (with examples!) for you today.

Before we get into it -- remember that your email list is one of your business’s most valuable assets. I have seen first-hand how much higher sales numbers can be for an active, engaged group of email subscribers. In fact, for a recent sales campaign I ran for one of my businesses, nearly 70% of our sales came from our email list ALONE -- isn't that amazing?!

If you’re not already using email marketing for your small business or blog, it is easier than you think to get started. Check out this blog post if you need help choosing an email marketing platform to start with!

To be successful with selling products or services through email marketing, you have to do more than just sell, sell, sell to your email subscribers. If your audience feels like the only thing you are ever doing is pitching to them, they will tune you out. People want to know what’s in it for them, and what you can do to improve their lives … not just what you have to sell them.

That is why it is important to send your email list things OTHER than just sales emails and pitches. If you’re struggling to come up with what to send your list that actually adds value, these three types of email sequences can be great options.

I am a BIG fan of putting together a few automated email sequences that you can write once, and use again and again to interact with your email subscribers. Not only does this save YOU time, but it provides a really positive experience for your email subscribers. It means they are hearing valuable from you on a regular basis, on autopilot.

Side note -- if you need help actually putting these emails into your email marketing platform, I put together a couple short videos to help you get started on both ConvertKit and Mailchimp’s platforms. Hope that helps!

Alright -- let’s get to it. Here are three ideas for what you can send to your list (other than sales emails):

Idea #1 - Opt-In Sequences

You may already have a customized email that your subscribers receive when they first opt-in to your list. Maybe this includes a free download or coupon that you use to incentivize email signups. Hopefully it includes a little introductory information about your business, and perhaps a little background about who you are, and what your new subscriber can hope to hear from you in the future.

After someone receives that initial email, sending a series of automated follow-up emails (a.k.a. an opt-in sequence) can help keep that new subscriber engaged and excited about your business. 

Here are some ideas of what you can send your subscribers as an opt-in sequence:

  • A short email course that educates your audience about some topic that is super-relevant to your business (this makes an awesome lead-magnet or opt-in incentive for your list!)
  • A series of emails that tells your story, and how you got started with your business
  • A series of educational emails that get your subscribers up-to-speed on something they need to know relevant to your niche

Whatever you decide to send your audience, make sure your opt-in sequence does these four things:

  1. Introduces your business to your new subscriber
  2. Introduces YOU to your new subscriber
  3. Provides lots of free value to the new subscriber, so they have some reason to open your emails and continue to engage
  4. Asks for feedback, input, or an introduction from your new subscriber. (This can be as simple as saying, “Please hit reply and introduce yourself!”)
   ConvertKit  makes it super easy to set up automated sequences in their platform. Here is a short opt-in sequence I sent to new subscribers, educating them on how to come up with digital product ideas that would help their audience.

ConvertKit makes it super easy to set up automated sequences in their platform. Here is a short opt-in sequence I sent to new subscribers, educating them on how to come up with digital product ideas that would help their audience.

Idea #2 - Nurture Sequence

After someone has been on your email list for a while, it's a great idea to send them through an automated “nurture” sequence. A lot of email marketing platforms (including my favorite -- ConvertKit), let you set up timers to automatically deliver a nurture sequence after a certain period of time.

I recommend sending a nurture sequence several times per year. One thing I am trying for 2018 is using a different theme for each quarter, and having a different nurture sequence around each theme. You can do whatever makes sense for your business -- keep it interesting and relevant to your niche and what your audience likes!

A nurture sequence is meant to keep your audience engaged with your business, deliver value to them so they remain excited about what you’re sharing, and keep them used to opening your emails and hearing from you (always a good thing).

What I love about building nurture sequences, is that it is so easy to reuse your existing content to create them! If you have a really comprehensive blog post you’ve written, a webinar or workshop you’ve hosted, or some other awesome and super-educational content … that can be converted into a nurture sequence. Simply split the content up into 3-5 logical chunks, edit to make sure they make sense in an email format, then upload into your email marketing platform of choice.

This doesn't have to be complicated -- use what you already have on hand, and go from there.

Remember -- make sure you are delivering lots of FREE value in your nurture sequence. And remember, you do NOT have to pitch a paid offer in the nurture sequence! The point of a nurture sequence is to continue to “warm” your email subscribers and build trust, rapport, and engagement with them. 

Idea #3 - Customer follow-up sequence

This is one of my favorite types of email sequences, and often one of the most under-used options. A little background before we continue…

The sales funnel process I teach has five stages:

The 5 stages of a successful funnel -- attract, engage/educate, build interest + desire, take action/convert, and refer/retain. More on YourFirstShop.co!
  1. Attract

  2. Engage & educate

  3. Build interest & desire

  4. Take action & convert

  5. Retain & refer

The follow-up sequence fits perfectly into stage #5 of this sales funnel process -- retain and refer.

Now, when someone buys from you, the first thing you probably do is CELEBRATE! After all, you made a sale … someone actually trusted you enough and believed in your product enough to hand over their hard-earned cash. That is awesome!

But the sales process doesn’t stop there.

A happy customer is so, so valuable to your business. If your customers love your product and have a good experience with it, they are all the more likely to re-buy from you in the future, and also much more likely to refer you to their friends and family.

That is GOLD to you as a business owner, and something you should take full advantage of!

Set up customer follow-up sequences helps you accomplish a few things:

  1. Make sure your customer is happy with their purchase (and if not -- give you a chance to make it right or fix whatever they aren’t happy about)
  2. Ask for feedback on your product (so you can continue to improve!)
  3. If they are happy with the product, make it easy for them to refer your business/product/you to their friends and family
  4. Let them know about other related products they might be interested in purchasing from you

Don’t just let a new customer sit there after they make a purchase. Set up a customer follow-up sequence to engage with each and every customer after they buy from you!

Finally, before you go ... I put together a guide that lays out exactly what to send in each of these email sequences (plus an example sales sequence). If you'd like to download that guide, enter your email address below and I'll send it to you right away!

Are you using automated email sequences in your business? Do you plan to implement any of these new sequences to keep your audience engaged and excited about your business? Let me know in the comments -- and thanks for reading!

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