How I use Square Marketing to capture repeat customers

I already told you how much I love Square and how we use it to process over $40K in payments every month at our small bakery. But, Square is sooooooo much more than a POS system and today I wanted to share how we use Square's built-in marketing functionality to target people who have purchased from us in the past, to turn them into loyal + raving repeat customers!

How I use Square's built-in marketing functionality to capture repeat customers

I put together a short (~7 min) video that walks you through Square Marketing so you can get the basics down. This video goes over "blast" campaigns as well as automatic campaigns you can set up once and have run on auto-pilot, which will save you TONS of time while still letting you connect with every single customer in a real, no-BS way.

If you're not already using Square, I highly, HIGHLY recommend checking it out! It's super small-biz friendly, whether you run a brick + mortar shop, restaurant, cafe, or online business they have tons of super easy-to-use solutions you should check out!! Click here to visit their website.

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Note: this post contains affiliate links, however Square is a tool I use every day in my business and LOVE! I highly recommend you check them out :-)