Facebook Marketing Fundamentals

Sooooo...I've been hanging out in Facebook groups a lot lately, meeting other business owners and making some new friends. Funny story...I actually met TWO ladies who live in the same Chicago suburb as me this month in a Facebook group. What a small world, right?!?!

Facebook marketing fundamentals for business owners, bloggers, & entrepreneurs. Includes a free tutorial, step-by-step video, and marketing checklist!

When I chat with people in Facebook groups and want to find out more info about this person and their business, I usually head over to their personal page first, and then to their business page. GUYS AND GALS---I am telling you, if you're hanging out in Facebook groups or advertising your business on Facebook, you gotta make sure your Facebook business page is set up and ready to "greet" potential customers/clients when they arrive on your page!!

1. Make sure you HAVE a business page

2. Have your personal Facebook profile point to your business page

3. Incentivize your new Facebook page buddies to take the next step by inviting them to your website to opt-in for a freebie!

Networking in Facebook groups without having #1, #2, and #3 ready to go is the Internet equivalent of showing up to an in-person networking event without business cards, and sitting in the corner not speaking to anyone the entire night. AKA ... a giant waste of your time. (Sorry, just being honest!!)

If someone connects with you in a Facebook group and decides to take the next step and learn more about you, they are going to try to find their way to your Facebook page. Be ready for them! If someone on the Internet happens across your Facebook page, be ready for them, too!

For anyone out there who doesn't already know how to do all that ^^^ I wanted to walk you through this today so you'll have your Facebook business page set up to convert casual visitors into your funnel. It's so quick and easy! Are you ready?

(Keep scrolling for the text version of this tutorial...or watch the abbreviated version in this short video!) >>>

Step 1 - Create a Facebook Business Page

Log into your personal Facebook account:

In this image above, see alllllll the way in the lower left corner where it says Create? Click the "Page" link to start creating your business page. When you click that link, this is what you'll see next:

You're going to want to choose one of the options from the top row, depending on what kind of business you have. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, or you mostly do business in-person with people in your area you'll probably want to choose option #1. Online entrepreneurs and business owners will probably want to choose option 2 or 3.

Once you choose an option, you'll be prompted to name your page and (depending on the category you choose) fill in a couple more options. When that's done, you'll be taken to your *brand new* page, which will look like this:

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 1.27.14 PM.png

There are a ton of options to set up your business page that will vary based on the type of business you have and what you're hoping to DO with your biz page but at the bare minimum...be sure to include:

1. A branded cover page and professional profile pic (of your face!!) ... bonus points if you "hide" these posts from your timeline after you update your pics!

2. A link to your website

3. Info on how to contact you (email, phone, location, etc)

4. A little bit of info in the "About" section who you are and what you do

That really is the gist of it. Congratulations ... you have a Facebook business page!

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Step 2 - Have your personal Facebook profile point to your business page

This step is even easier than creating your new business page. Click your name in the top blue bar to go to your personal profile page. On your personal profile, click the "Edit Profile" button in the top right (on your cover photo):

Scroll down to the "Work" section and click the link to add a new workplace:

Now, type your company name (the same name you just used to create your biz page) in the Company field ... if you did step #1 correctly, you'll find it here! How official :-)

Add in any info about your position, location, description, etc. Click Save Changes.

That's it!!! Told you that was easy.

Step 3 - Incentivize your new Facebook page buddies to take the next step by inviting them to your website to opt-in for a freebie!

OK ... so now, you need to give your Facebook biz page visitors a reason to hop on over to your website and check out what you have to offer. A great and easy way to do this is by pointing your Facebook business page's "call to action" button to a free opt-in incentive on your website. 

Head back over to your brand new business Facebook page. Click the blue "Add a Button" button near/under your cover photo:

There are a few options for you to choose from here, but for purposes of this tutorial I'm going to show you how to turn this into a "Sign Up" button that visitors will click to download an opt-in incentive on your website. Cool?

Soooo...click "Get In Touch", and then click "Sign Up":

Now, it'll prompt you to paste a website link here. Link to the page where users download your opt-in incentive on your website! I would recommend creating a special page on your website JUST for downloading an opt-in incentive (you can see mine here if you need an example of what this looks like).

Click "Add Button" and you're all set! The button should now say "Sign Up", and if you click on it and choose "Test Button", you should go right to your opt-in incentive download page on YOUR website.

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Looking for a lil extra credit? Here are a few more things you should also do:

  1. Create a Cover Photo that has an actual arrow pointing to your signup page, that explains clearly that they will get your freebie if they sign up! This will make it more clear to visitors what path you want them to follow. You can see an example of this on my Facebook page
  2. Have a "next step" for visitors to take after they download your opt-in incentive. On my opt-in page, I have a button below the opt-in for users to visit my blog. I've seen some people (who are far fancier than I am) who have a video that automatically plays after you opt-in, which I think is awesome and fun and shows off your personality even more! Be creative!
  3. Post about your freebie on your business page, then "pin" that post to the top of your business Facebook page! That way if people are reading through your posts, it's the first thing they'll see. (You can do this with Twitter too!)

That's all I've got for you! Don't forget ... if you're looking for more tips about how to market your business online, I have a comprehensive (and totally FREE) Ultimate Marketing Checklist you can download riiiiight here: