build a profitable funnel

I'm opening up enrollment for my funnels ecourse, Build A Profitable Funnel, in early October.

This course is going to work a little differently than what you might be used to from other online courses. At least for now, I am going to be running the course "live", which means all students will go through the course at the same time.

This isn't a "buy it now and finish it in 6 months" type of program.

This is a "buy it now and have your profitable funnel built, running, and test-able in 4 weeks" type of program.

I am only accepting 40 students into the program this time around.  

I want to be able to give one-on-one, individual attention to ALL students. I want to make sure every single student gets value from the program and is successful with the material. It's just not possible to do that if I have tons of people in the program. 

Enrollment will open on October 1st. If you'd like to be notified when I open up the doors, please enter your name and email address below. You'll have first dibs on a spot in the program if you sign up below.